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November 15th, 2015
After a year of downtime we are now relaunching our websites and services! Please be patient as we have to rebuild these websites from scratch. All previous websites will currently redirect to this page until each game is ready. Select "Games" in the top menu to view more.

Downloads are currently not public. Contact us -

About Us

Call of Duty Prestige Hack is a network of websites and teams with the common goal of providing great services in each Call of Duty game.

We do not intend on ruining video games for others. We play these games every day ourselves on our own accounts. Everybody does not have the amount of time to invest in video games as others, but everyone wants to be the top prestige. We are not in the business of putting people at the top of the leaderboards with fake stats, cheating people out of those positions who work hard to get there.
Our modded lobbies are mainly used for maxing out prestige. Many people enjoy playing private matches with mods with their friends. You will never see one of our clients in a ranked match using our game modifications.

No-Fee Service

Truly Free. Most communities will charge their customers for these services. That's where we differ.

We use advertising and donations to keep our services free to the public while still being able to cover our running costs. No purchase necessary!


No part of this website or any pages linked to this page are affiliated with the Call of Duty franchise, InfinityWard, Treyarch, Activision, Sledgehammer, Microsoft, Sony, Raven, or any others.